LOU Reads Coalition

The LOU Reads Coalition (formerly known as the Grade Level Reading Coalition) is a community-wide coalition working to ensure that all children in our community are reading proficiently by the time they enter fourth grade. The coalition is comprised of local organizations and community leaders who focus their collective energy and expertise on four main areas: school readiness, attendance, out-of-school time opportunities, and targeted efforts to promote grade-level reading. The LOU Reads Coalition joined the national Campaign for Grade Level Reading in 2015, which made the LOU community only the second Mississippi community to do so at that time.

To learn more about the work and impact of the LOU Reads Coalition, you can click here to visit its website. In addition, you can follow the LOU Reads Coalition on social media (@LOUReads38655). To learn more about national efforts, you can click here to visit the Campaign for Grade Level Reading website.