Our Mission, Values, & Principles

Our Mission is to improve lives and meet community needs by uniting people and resources. We seek to make a concrete, measurable impact by understanding and addressing our community's most complex challenges. The United Way of Oxford & Lafayette County believes no single organization can do this alone. Therefore, we work in partnership with individuals, non-profits, corporations, and public entities to mobilize resources, promote collaboration, and support programs that can make a significant difference for the Lafayette-Oxford-University (LOU) community. We focus on ensuring that all who live in our community have the building blocks of a good life:      


Our Values:

  • Be agents of change. Energize people to make a difference in the community by giving, advocating, and volunteering.
  • Be responsive. Commit to focusing on the educational, financial, and health concerns of the community.
  • Practice accountability. Demonstrate responsibility for our actions and expenditures; likewise, promote accountability on the part of our agencies.
  • Be fiscally responsible. Maintain integrity in all financial matters; manage and spend funds wisely.
  • Be volunteer driven. Empower community members to serve one another through the United Way, and to provide direction to the United Way.
  • Maintain the highest integrity. Conduct ourselves with honesty, respect, and openness.
  • Inspire contributions. Raise funds in a creative, effective, professional mannner.
  • Be a leader in the community. Work collaboratively to prioritize and address current and emerging needs to help make the community more successful.

Our Principles:

Donors expect the UWOLC to make a meaningful difference in our community. They expect our local United Way to be responsive to community needs, accountable for funds contributed, and to achieve impact with those funds.